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Project Amenities

Golden Rock Commercial Park will consist  of five (5) buildings.  The project will be constructed in five phases, with Phase I currently under construction.  The plot area is approximately 230,000 sq ft and the total built-up area will approach 281,000 sq ft comprising of the following:

  • Supermarket area – 20,000 sq ft

  • Corporate Buildings

  • Commercial Area

  • Open Spaces (Food Court/Foyer/Lobby/Indoor Courtyards/Recreation Areas)

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Roof Top Restaurant and Lounge

  • Amphitheatre –  the first of its kind on the island and will raise the diversity of entertainment for locals and visitors

  • Private courtyard for residences

  • Parking for employees

  • Parking for Visitors and shops

  • Indoor and Outdoor Water Features

  • Paved Pathways

  • High Speed Telecommunications Services

  • 24hrs Security

  • Clean power through corporate offices

  • Standby Power Generation

  • Cistern

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