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Our Properties
Phase I

​The Phase I of the development is currently underway and involves the construction of the first building which will house (ninety-one) 91 units. The entrance to this building is designed with a covered walkway direct from the car park area and pedestrian crossing and gives ease and convenience of entering the building.

A food court with an interior waterfall and water
feature is located on the ground floor and this
connects through a doorway to the amphitheater

Many of the offices in this building will have views
overlooking the green valley of Basseterre and views towards the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Meeting spaces will be available for the offices to support their corporate function.


Phase II


The Phase II will involve the construction of the second building – a thirty-two (32) unit Condotel. This five (5) floor building will have an expansive lobby with marble floors and exquisite granite finishes. The building is designed with two meeting rooms with high speed internet connections and presentation equipment. The building is designed so that it can be leased and operated as a business hotel.

The building is fitted with two elevators and a central staircase with emergency exit at back.

Phase III

​​The Phase III construction will involve the construction of the third building which has four (4) floors and thirty-two (32) units. The building will come equipped with two elevators and a central staircase. The elevators go to the rooftop and will provide a serene environment either during work or after office hours.

Two meeting rooms will be available for corporate or
individual meetings. The building will have a
reception desk at the lobby and a security desk which can be manned twenty four hours to facilitate the guests and operators within the building space.

Phase IV construction will involve the construction
of the fourth building which has five (5) floors and will house thirty-four (34) self- contained business units.  This building has been designed with interior
courtyards as Building III and a similar lobby with
reception and information desk.

Phase V construction will involve the construction of
the fifth building which has three (3) floors and will
house an upscale spa and fitness centre. The design
also includes an amphitheatre for the enjoyment of
tenants and patrons. These facilities will be managed
to ensure that they are operated to the benefit of the occupants and visitors to the commercial park.

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