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Where are we located?

Golden Rock Commercial Park is located just east of the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport.  The development is within easy access to all major road arteries and is just about 500m from the airport terminal. The Park is less than 5 minutes away from the central business district and within a 2.5 mile radius of an international golf course and tourist enclave. 

It is strategically located at three busy crossroads including the Kim Collins Highway and the FT Williams Highway.

Only five minutes from the city centre, its prime location makes it ideal to transact business in a one-stop shop facility with ease and speed. The Business Park is a mere minute away from the Royal Basseterre Valley National Park which will be the perfect complement to this feature-rich open development with over 262 acres of greenery, walking paths and eco friendly attractions.

The top views from the Business Park will be panoramic with views towards the green lush mountains of the central mountain range, views towards the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea with the cloud-capped Mount Nevis in the background and the south east peninsula hills.

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