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GRCPark At A Glance

What is Golden Rock Commercial Park

Golden Rock Commercial Park is an upscale mixed-use development that will afford the investor an option to purchase either residential or commercial unit in any of the over 200 units in the development.   


Commandingly located at three busy crossroads including the Kim Collins Highway and less than a block from the R L Bradshaw International Airport and the world-renowned Scenic Railway, the development is unique, in that it is the only government-approved mixed-use development with commercial and residential offerings.  Only five minutes from the city centre, its prime location makes it ideal to transact business in a one-stop shop facility with ease and speed.


What is the concept of the development?

The impressive, functional and well integrated commercial park will create a striking development that would merge work, play and living in a style and elegance rivaled by few. At the core of the vision is the elevation of the commercial facilities on the island to enhance and support the upscale development thrust of the island in tourism and services, and provide first world facilities and services to support commerce.  This will result in the creation of a new, uncrowded and uncluttered district allowing both locals and visitors an opportunity to avoid the crowded town with limited parking.  The residences will also provide affordable luxurious living for a short, medium and long term visitors of the island.


With the backdrop of the Scenic Railway, the R L Bradshaw International Airport and towering mountains to the west, complimented by beautiful vistas of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, prospective owners and visitors will be spell-bound. 


What is the total number of Units in the development?

A total of 261 units have been planned for sale, 133 commercial and 128 residential units.


What is the cost of the investment for a residential or commercial Unit?

The current planned introductory price is $415,000 per unit.


What will the Investor get for his investment?

In phase I (which is currently being constructed) an investor will receive freehold title to his condominium unit and stratify the qualifying investment requirement to apply for St. Kitts Nevis citizenship and passport.


What is the return on investment for an Investor?

An investor receives his return in several areas: in the first instance, he satisfies the qualifying condition for application for St. Kitts Nevis citizenship.

Secondly, from the normal appreciation of property values on the island, and thirdly from the rental income from the property.

It is estimated that the average capital appreciation between 2005 to 2009 was an average 19.6% per year.


What is the size units?

Residential units will vary in size from 600 square feet to 1000 square feet while commercial units will be available from 1000 to 1200 square feet.


What type of tenants are being targeted?

This eco-friendly development will offer multi-tenant facilities in multi-storied buildings ideal for a range of businesses - from executive corporate offices to  landscape services to a full service bank.  Over 150,000 sq ft of space will be committed to commercial rental in Phase 1


What amenities are available at Golden Rock Commercial Park?

The impressive, functional and well integrated commercial park will create a striking development that would merge work, play and living in a style and elegance unrivaled in the Federation. A rooftop restaurant, lounge and wine bar and interior landscaped courtyards will give residents and patrons some of the best views available anywhere.


An amphitheatre, waterfalls, swimming pool, bowling alley and a full service spa and fitness centre will form the centre piece of the entertainment features of the development.  ATM and other banking facilities, a pharmacy, extensive parking for visitors and shops and landscaped and lighted pathways will lend to an exquisite ambience by day or by night.


Who will operate the executive residences of the development?

The residences are planned to be operated as an upscale hotel with opportunities for extended stays.  The developer, on behalf of the condominium association has begun the process of negotiating with branded international hotel operators to operate the properties with minimal effort and or involvement from the unit owners.


What type of infrastructure will complement this development?

This futuristic development will be a steward of the environment and will deploy green energy. High speed telecommunication services will also be available throughout the development. Each building will be fitted with an elevator ensure the comfort of patrons.

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